While it is impossible to eliminate exposure to toxins, you can reduce the load and prevent build-up in the body. Detoxification can optimize the body’s ability to heal and combat illness.

“You need toxic relief! Most of us live in a dangerously toxic state, and sadly, we aren’t even aware of it. More than 85 percent of all deaths are related to a toxic lifestyle…”
Excerpt from TOXIC Relief by Don Colbert, M.D.

“Detoxification is by far one of the most significant ways you can impact your long-term health. It’s an absolute must given the world we live in today.”                                          – Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.N. Director, The New England Heart & Longevity Center

 Here are some of the great reports we have received from our clients:
Results may vary. We make no claim to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease.


Improved Complexion, Neck Pain, Energy, Wart, and Bad Breath
“Within my first six treatments, I noticed a number of improvements. My complexion is much clearer, my neck pain has been eliminated, and I no longer have that “afternoon slump.” Also, my bad breath has cleared up and a wart on my leg is almost entirely gone. I originally began detoxing to help cleanse my body of metal toxins and for preventative and overall health…but I was pleasantly surprised to receive all the additional benefits. I definitely want to continue!”
— H.S., Fenton, MO

Teenager’s Health and Energy Improves
We recently met fifteen-year-old J.B. who began detoxing at Detox Stop USA. After just the third treatment, his family told us that he not only looked healthier, but he was also feeling less tired. When we saw J.B. for his fourth treatment, he was happy to relate that he definitely feels better physically and has even made the decison to start eating healthier and drink more water than soda.

Eczema and Asthma
“Our ten-year-old daughter had eczema since birth and asthma since she was eight. After only four treatments, there has been marked improvement on her skin. In addition, we have seen a major change on her peak flow meter, which measures her oxygen intake. So far, there has been a 25% increase of oxygen to her lungs!”
— A.G., Columbia, IL

Woman Quits Smoking
44-year-old T.B. from Barnhart, Missouri had been a smoker since she was twelve and had no idea how detoxifying her body was about to change her life. She had heard about our foot detoxing and decided to come and improve her overall health.

During her first treatment, she sat amazed as she watched the water turn colors and could literally detect the smell of cigarette smoke that was being cleansed from her system. In the days ahead, she also began to notice a few other things: the whites of her eyes were clearing up, she had an increase of energy, and she began feeling a difference in her lungs.

After her second treatment–before she even left–she said she could also feel the process working in her kidney area.

When T.B. came for her third treatment, she gave us the good news: she had decided to quit smoking. She said that seeing the toxins come out of her body and even smelling the nicotine that was being removed from her system made her realize what harm it was doing her.

T.B. was convinced that the detox foot baths were changing her life. But she was about to get even more proof…

A few days after her sixth treatment, she went to the doctor to have outpatient surgery. Before surgery, the doctor conducted a physical and, after checking her lungs, reported that they sounded so good that he could tell she never smoked. T.B. started laughing and told him that she had smoked for 32 years and just quit seventeen days ago.

Wow! That’s the power of detoxing! T.B.’s mother was so amazed that she soon came for a detox herself after hearing such a good report from the doctor.

And there’s more: Before detoxing, T.B could never eat donuts without her sinuses clogging up. But after only three treatments, she was able to eat donuts without any problems at all!

Diabetic Man’s Health Improves…Also, Less Polyps in Colon
When 79-year-old R.D. from St. Louis came to us, he was dealing with diabetes and hoping that our detoxing foot baths could somehow improve his situation. After several treatments, he noticed that the swelling and puffiness in his face was significantly reduced.

After R.D. completed ten treatments, he went to his doctor for a physical. The news was good. His doctor said he had made a 180 degree turnaround! All of his tests came out well, including his cholesterol, which had been a source of concern.

Several weeks later, R.D. was again pleasantly surprised. After having a colonoscopy, it revealed that he only had one polyp on his colon when three years prior there were sixteen!

Ankle and Fingers Free of Stiffness
W.D., 67, broke her right ankle and has lived with a metal pin inside of it since 2007. She has also suffered from stiffness in her left ankle as well. After several treatments, she reported that much of the pain and stiffness in both ankles have gone away!

In addition, W.D. also dealt with stiffness and pain in her fingers. She had trouble straightening her fingers or making any type of fist. After ten foot bath detoxes, she is now able to bend her fingers into her palm…pain free!

Also, 47-year-old S.L. had swollen ankles before her treatment. However, after her treatment, her ankles were almost completely back to normal!

Poison Ivy Vanishes
D.H. from Fenton, Missouri was suffering from Pioson Ivy when she came. After only one treatment, the itch went away and, within three or four days, all of the signs of poison ivy vanished!

Eczema Clears Up
After only one treatment, 20-year-old S.E. saw a noticable difference regarding the eczema on her arms…the next morning it was almost completely smooth!

Sense of Smell Returns
After only one treatment, 66-year-old J.M. told us that she thought she was getting back her sense of smell.

Lungs Clear Up…Cancer Survivor Breathes Easier
J.S., age 71, had lung cancer and underwent chemotherapy more than twenty-five years ago. After only one treatment, she told us that she was able to take deep breaths for the very first time since she had cancer!

After her sixth treatment, she attended her quarterly appointment with her pulmonary doctor who she had been seeing regularly for the past twenty-five years. At this appointment, her doctor told her she was doing so well that she didn’t have to see him again unless she was having difficulties. Wow!

Energy! Afternoon Slump Gone!
After only one treatment, one 49-year-old client noticed that she had increased energy during the time in the afternoon when she would normally feel a slump. She finds it much easier now to simply push through that time of the day.

49-year-old H.S. also says that he no longer has that “mid-afternoon slump” after detoxing several times.

S.G., 55, came to us in a very toxic state. However, after a series of treatments, she now has energy all throughout the afternoon instead of having to stop and sleep or rest. She can even keep her grandchild for the afternoon and not have to go to bed after he leaves.

D.M., 62, notices a definite increase in energy after detoxing. He told us that is the very reason he is coming.

After only one treatment, 48-year-old C.D. now has energy all day and only needs to sleep at normal nighttime hours. Previously, she was exhausted constantly and could fall asleep at almost any point in the day.

A 38-year-old client says that detoxing has caused her to feel very energized, and she now notices sustained energy until she goes to bed.

C.B., 50, also reports having more sustained energy and less headaches than she used to have.

Psoriasis Improved
B.S., 63, noticed a marked improvement after several treatments. The psoriasis on her scalp was significantly improved. She mentioned that even her hairdresser commented on the change.

Complexion Improved / Energy Boosted / Mental Clarity Increased
After only her first treatment, M.S., 61, saw a dramatic difference in her complexion, noticing less blemishes. Her energy also increased. After only three treatments, her face was completely cleared up! She also told us that she did not need as much caffeine in the afternoon because of how much energy she has. In addition, she realizes that she has greater mental clarity.

Freedom From Constipation and Bloating
When 47-year-old K.S. came to us, she had been irregular for a long time. However, after her first treatment, she had several bowel movements the very next day! After her third treatment, her bloating dissipated and her bowel movements became regular. And because she is no longer bloated, she is now able to wear clothes that she couldn’t fit into before.

Swimmer’s Energy Enhanced…Bleach Leaves Body
After his first treatment, 52-year-old P.S. said he was energized for next forty-eight hours. In fact, the very next day after his detox, he went to the gym to swim his normal twenty laps in the pool. He told us that he wasn’t even fatigued after the twenty, so he effortlessly swam another ten laps.

During his third treatment, he said he could smell bleach. He realized the odor was coming from his foot bath water. He then told us that he had just recently used bleach to clean his laundry room floor. He was totally amazed that our detox was strong enough to enable his body to release the bleach during the treatment. Wow!

Gout Gone!
A.T., 82, was struggling with gout. However, after just one teatment, the swelling in her left ankle completely went away! Furthermore, 90% of the pain in her toe on her left foot (caused by the gout) was gone.

After her third treatment, she claimed to be much more stable and said she could really feel the difference if she went too long withot detoxing. Also, an area in her upper leg hasn’t hurt since!

Sinuses Clear Up
When 51-year-old W.T. came to us, he was suffering with significant sinus blockage. After only one treatment, he told us that his sinuses had cleared up and he no longer had a problem breathing!

Additionally, P.S., 57, started detoxing at Detox Stop USA in late Fall. She told us that for as long as she could remember, she normally gets three to four sinus infections every single winter, requiring antibiotics and steroids to overcome each one. But not this winter! She made it through November and December without suffering from one sinus infection. It’s the first time this has happened in the last ten to fifteen years!

It’s true: Health is wealth.

College Athlete Improves Breathing & Swimming
A.T., 22, was a member of his university swim team. On the day of his big swim meet, he came to us with his sinuses congested and feeling very weak. But immediately after his detox foot bath, he said that his sinuses had completely cleared!

He later told us that he was able to breathe very well during his swim meet. He posted a great time!

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