Testimonials Continued

Here are some more great reports from our clients:
Results may vary. We make no claim to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease.

“You need toxic relief! Most of us live in a dangerously toxic state, and sadly, we aren’t even aware of it. More than 85 percent of all deaths are related to a toxic lifestyle…”                                                                                                                         – Excerpt from TOXIC Relief by Don Colbert, M.D.

While it is impossible to eliminate exposure to toxins, you can reduce the load and prevent build-up in the body. Detoxification can optimize the body’s ability to heal and combat illness.


Varicose Veins, Skin Tags and Shingles
When J.D., 61, came to us, he had a large black and blue circular spot on his ankle due to varicose veins. After only one treatment, he noticed that it was much lighter. After the second treatment, it was completely gone! He also noticed that the skin tags under his arm were falling off. And this was just the beginning…

After his fifth treatment, he told us that he no longer needed his stool-softner pills.

Later, during his sixth treatment, he told us he was experienceing shingles. He had had them in the past and said they normally lasted four to six weeks. But when he came for his seventh treatment, he was excited to tell us that his shingles cleared up after his last detox…they only lasted a few days! Wow!

Psoriasis Gone, Energy Back, No More Yeast Infections
C.D., 48, suffered from psoriasis and a lack of energy. After her first treatment, she noticed a dramatic increase in her energy level. Before this, she was normally so tired that she could fall asleep within minutes of sitting down.

After her second treatment, she noticed the psoriasis on her heels, knees, and elbows was substantially improved, with some of it completely gone. In addition, her feet and calves were a lot smoother. Days later, after her third treatment, she told us that her psoriasis–which she had suffered from her entire life–was completely gone! There wasn’t a sign of it left on her body. Wow!

Other benefits? Well, she claims that she now has fewer headaches, her feet have stopped swelling, and she no longer gets yeast infections.

Better Sleep, Clearer Eyes
One 55-year-old client noticed that her eyes were clearer after only one detox foot bath. She’s also sleeping better without waking up throughout the night.

Improved Thyroid, Complexion and Energy
Since detoxing at Detox Stop USA, D.S., 56, says her thyroid levels have returned to normal. Also, she claims that her complexion is better and that she enjoys more energy than she has had in a long time.

Bowels Regular…Sleep and Sinuses Improved
D.C., 49, has experienced several improvements since detoxing: her bowel movements are more regular, her sleep has improved, she is not craving sweets, and she has almost completely stopped taking her sinus and allergy medications.

No More Back Pain! Rosacea Gone!
When S.S., 62, came to Detox Stop USA, she was suffering from severe back pain, along with a few other ailments. Her sleep was signiicantly compromised and she wasn’t even able to bend over. But during the course of the next few weeks, she made amazing progress! Take a look:

After treatment #1: S.S. said she had less back pain and was actually able to bend over!

After treatment #2: She used to have pain in the middle finger of her right hand. She noticed that she’s now pain free!

After treatment #4: S.S’s back has improved and is sleeping better…and her finger is still pain free.

After treatment #5: For years, S.S. had an itchy area on her left hand which required her to regularly use cortisone cream. After this treatment, the itchy area is gone!

After treatment #6: It keeps getting better. S.S. told us that her back pain was 75% better. She use to have to get out of bed in order to reposition herself because of her pain…but now she can simply roll over naturally.

And one more thing: S.S. used to have Rosacea on her face. But not anymore. It totally cleared up!

After treatment #8: She told us that her back pain is completely gone. Wow!

Girl Freed From Symptoms of ADHD/Autism
When M.P., age 8, came for her first detox foot bath, she was cold and distant and didn’t engage in much eye contact with us. She looked downward a lot and was not too expressive. Prior to her coming for her detox, her mother did some research on ADHD and Autism. Not only had her daughter been diagnosed with ADHD, but she noticed that her daughter had some similar behavioral traits to someone suffering from Austism. Prior to giving birth, her mother was exposed to high levels of pesticides on her job. She had already been detoxing and thought it might also help her daughter.

Approximately twenty-four hours after the first treatment, her mother called us in pure jubilation. She said her daughter was happy, smiling, easy to get along with and very attentive!

During the second detox treatment, we witnessed it ourselves–there was a drastic difference. She was very warm and pleasant. She was clearly happy and talking more, making eye contact with the person with whom she was talking. It was awesome to experience the transformation firsthand.

After several more treatments, her mother said she was an intirely new girl. She said she was now having a relationship with her daughter that she never thought she could have. M.P. is also doing much better in school and at social events…so much that they even asked her mother what has happened because of the difference they see. The mother told us that the whole family enviroment has dramatically changed for the better!

Fibromyalgia, Spastic Colon and Blood Pressure

One client, age 63, suffered from several ailments, including joint pain (fibromyalgia), a spastic colon, eye irritation and high blood pressure.

After her first treatment, she reported a noticable difference concerning her joint pain. After the second treatment, she told us that she no longer needed her pain medication at all!

After her second treatment, her eye irriation cleared up. After the third treatment, she said there was a big change in her spastic colon. In addition, her high blood pressure had also improved!